About Us

Mission Statement:
Growing the Kingdom of God one family at a time and developing believers to have compassion for the lost world through friendship and discipleship of Christ

We are a small but growing congregation with all age groups represented. It is hard since our communities are struggling to survive because of loss of jobs and businesses, yet our fellowship still stands.

Pastor Derrick DeTurk and wife Cheryl have been pastor and worship leader since 2001. Pastor Derrick preaches the Word of God as a simple message for all to understand. Worship is a mixture of hymns and contemporary Christian praise songs.

Pastor Derrick and Cheryl are originally from the Pittsburgh, Pa area. Derrick graduated from Zion Bible Institute in Rhode Island. Married in September of 1988, Pastor Derrick and Cheryl moved to Aurora as youth pastors for 3 years and then became senior pastors from 1991 to 1996. They then pastored a home missions church in southern Minnesota for 5 years, but their hearts never completely left Aurora. In 2001, they moved back to become senior pastors once again at the church that had become their family and are still at Faith Assembly today. They have two beautiful children who were born in Minnesota: Charity and Nathan.

Lisa Vandervort organizes the children’s events and directs the children’s Christmas play. She also is the director of the Living Last Supper which is held each Maundy Thursday.