The master gave each servant coins to do with them as they thought; best served the master while he was away.
One servant he gave 5 coins, to another servant 2 coins,and to the last servant he gave 1 coin.
The master return after a long time of being away.The servants came up to him one by one and showed him what they had done with the coins. The first servant brought him 5 additional coins and told the master that he was able to double what he gave him.The master was pleased. The second servant double his also and again the master was pleased.
The third servant had an excuse, I knew you are a hard man. you reap where you do not sow. Here is your one coin back , I dug a hole in the ground and hid it until you came back. The master was not happy. the master took the one coin from him ,and gave it to the one who had ten. You know the rest.
The Lord is the master in this parable and he gave us certain talents that he has entrusted us with,to serve him faithfully.
If you are like the third servant, went into your back yard and dug a whole and covered it up,to be seen no more until the coming of the LORD your in trouble.
The Lord spoke to me a few months ago,put your house in order.I was just going through the motions , doing what had to be done, but not necessarily what needed to be done. So I scheduled a board meeting ,and kept it. And no matter what have them every month. I’ved done many other things that i don’t have time to type. [ I am typing this myself , so far it’s taken over an hour]
God is speaking to you, don’t hide your talents ,put them to use. Seek God in this solitude time that we are in at this time in the world. Don’t be like the third servant, be like the first.